We lay new turf and seed soiled areas to create new lawns.

Lawns from turf should be un-used for at least a week. Lawns from seed usually take 7-10 days to see new growth and should be left un-used for several weeks until their first mowing.

New lawns are advised to be left to establish themselves over the first season as heavy use can cause compacting of the soil and make it difficult for the grass to survive. Newly laid lawns are able to be fed and mown just like well established lawns.

Recent Turfing Jobs

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Removed the old and tired lawn and replaced with a hard wearing utility turf. Patios Pressure washed and treated.


Another turfing job here, removed an old and dull paved area and installed some lovely new top soil and turf.

Fresh Turf laid and a Japanese acer tree for the centrepiece has transformed this garden and provided a beautiful finish to the front of the property.

A small gravelled area has been replaced with turf, this has given some well needed greenery to the front of this house.