Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance usually consists of fortnightly or monthly visits, jobs carried out are suited to the gardens needs depending on the time of year.
Lawns cut – We offer a weekly or bi-weekly mowing and edging service to keep your lawn in best possible condition.
Hedges & shrubs trimmed –  We can reshape, trim and prune your hedges and shrub’s. This can be incorporated into your regular maintenance schedule or just as a one off service as and when needed.
Weeding  –  Weeds within flower beds, borders and near lawn area’s in most cases can not be treated with herbicides (weed killer’s). These weed’s need to be removed by hand. Weeds on paths and patios will be treated with herbicides.
Leaf clearance – Fallen leaves can be very damaging to your own lawn if not removed and can cause a slip hazard on hard surfaces once they are wet.


Maintenance is the best way of transforming your garden over time, as proper care and attention can be paid to every aspect of the plants, flowers and grasses needs, depending upon the season and the current state of the garden we can provide a service that’s right for you. With year round disease prevention, lawn care treatments, fertilization, pruning or trimming of all plants, small trees, shrubs and hedges with thorough weed control prevention throughout the garden.


 It’s also a way of tackling the bigger jobs overtime. All aspects of garden renovation can be managed in smaller cost effective steps, until the garden is picturesque and in a desirable state. With J & J Gardening you’ll always be able to ask for extra work to be carried out check our services for much more.