Lawn Care

Lawn care treatment is a way of restoring your lawns or rejuvenating old, tired, disease and weed ridden areas to a lush and desirable place for the you and the family to enjoy.


This is the most obvious and one of the most important maintenance tasks to undertake over spring/summer and throughout the year. Mowing regularly, keeps the lawn in good health, allowing the rain water to reach the soil and soak deeply into the ground which encourages a deep root depth to be established. Deep roots will help the grass to survive extended periods without water and also help to reduce bog and muddy areas in times of heavy rain, as the roots will hold the soil more firmly and also absorb more water.
Scarifying and Seeding:-
Scarifying is a method consisting of raking the lawns and using scarifier blades in order to prune the grass, removing moss and dry-thatch allowing the lawn to grow thicker and more healthy. This method will also prepare the lawn for seeding in order to create an even colour across the lawn and create a strong, disease resistant bed of grass.


Depending on the time of year different feeding compounds are used on the lawns. This is done to ensure the grass is getting all the nutrients it needs in order to provide a thick and lush lawn, able to survive threw all of the seasons and maintain a vibrant colour all year round.